Uranus into Taurus: Expecting the Unexpected in Our Everyday Lives

Uranus the planet of revolution, innovation, and sudden dramatic change is ending it's 7 year cycle in Aries and transitioning into Taurus this upcoming Tuesday May 15th. The shifting of this outer planet marks a pivotal moment in our relationship to mother earth. Taurus is the archetype of the actual earth and practical resources, whether that be currency, food, land, water, energy, labor, etc. Taurus also embodies principals of being grounded, secure, enjoying earthly pleasures, and overall stability.

When Uranus was in Aries 2011 till 2018, we saw the upsurge of startup companies, investments in war technologies, military companies, warfare itself, the rise of narcissism on social media, the invention of the “selfie”, the overall support of a “me first” self serving attitude, along side the exploration of our nation's identity. All of these self-centered qualities and obsessed- focus on new beginnings, are characteristics of Aries.

Uranus's 7 year journey thorough Taurus, offerings us as a collective the ability to quickly and consistently develop earth-based technology. We can witness the rapid evolution of how we conduct business and use resources: the upsurge of solar power, alternative (moneyless) resource sharing platforms, people united against financial oppression, establishment of a network of intentional communities living off the land, the digitization of money (cryptocurrency) , chip implants to replace debit cards, dramatic increases in coding and tech-based labor, to name a few.

On a spiritual level we could witness a massive adoption of energy and sound healing, mind-body practices, breathwork, earth- based magic and healing, and yoga. The daily use of these modalities will allow us to unlock the hidden potential of our very own energy system within our body, as a greater resource. Mother earth on her spiritual journey, is ready for change as well. Unfortunately, as predicted we could experience unexpected shifts of the earth, producing earthquakes, thunder and lighting storms, and eruptions of volcano, as we've already begun witnessing on the Big Island.

( Women of Color meditating in a salt crystal cave in Asheville )

Individually, each of us will be pushed to embrace sudden changes in our lives. For some, these unexpected events will feel like a positive blessing, in providing the gift of helping one to get "unstuck" from a chronic pattern in a specific area of life. For others, the flavor of Uranus is more bold than one may feel they can stomach, and the need to cling to the old ways may yield some short-term suffering. The best thing to do is not protest and deny yourself, but to embrace these changes as apart of the fulfillment of your soul’s journey.

Bottom line: Uranus moving to Taurus will radically shake up our world and awaken us to the areas in our lives that are restricted and stale. These are exciting times for redefining what stability looks like not just for the top 1%, but for all people everywhere.

To find out what area will undergo change in your life, see what house Taurus rules in your chart. It would be my honor to take a look at your unique birth chart, offer you an expanded perspective, and effective energy healing tools to help embracing your path with joy and fulfillment. Please send me a message if you'd like to find out how astrology tarot energy healing sessions can support your everyday life :)

About the Author:

Adorable ( Jasmine Vassar), is a Bay Area based healing artists who designs and leads empowering energy healing workshops. She proudly claims many titles: intuitive coach, wellness educator, master of ceremony, Reiki practitioner, yoga instructor, dancer, and light energy worker- all driven by her mission for spiritual activism and deep social transformation. She loves empowering people with one-on-one astrology tarot sessions that are infused with lightwork healing. She believes when we heal together, we rise together.

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