SATURN RETROGRADE: A Time to Rebuild and Reinforce

On April 17th 2018 Saturn joined Jupiter in its annual 4 1/2 months backward transit thru Capricorn (it only appears backwards from our view on earth). Saturn rules over restrictions, responsibility, structure, and the laws that govern physical reality. Known as the proverbial task master, when in retrograde we actually feel a noticeable lightening of the load and a freeing up of more time. This extra "time" and spaciousness yields us the opportunity to finally fix the holes and cracks in our systems. Saturn moving backwards points to restructuring what's already built, and working diligently on updating systems already in place. This transit will grant the ability to review our current professional and personal responsibilities and identify the necessary alterations needed to bring these areas into balance for improved efficiency and stability.

Those seeking to build something new at this time may be met with tons of resistance. Saturn will most certainly delay a new venture and say, "Whoa there, are you sure what you already got going on is solid?" Ideally, once Saturn moves direct again, you will see the fruits of your labor in the form of sustainability, competency, and overall smoother operations. Also, known as the Lord of Karma, Saturn, rewards us when correctly applying our efforts, so you may also receive large gifts as a result of a job well done.

Area of Life to Focus on:

The area of your life that Saturn is asking you to restructure depend on what house Capricorn resides in your natal birth chart. Each of the 12 houses have a different theme, and Saturn's transit will express the rebuilt it vibe more for that specific area of life than others . (Have I lost you yet?) Your natal birth chart house placement is determined using your rising sign (different from Sun sign). You can find out your house placement by visiting, you will need to know your birth time.

For a more in-depth understanding of how to best use the Saturn retrograde to restructure your current situation and all of the other energies at play, consider working with me. It is my honor to take a look at your unique birth chart, pull tarot cards, and review over your human design ( aura). Curious about my work style? Check out this article on how I give readings.

Ways each 12 signs can rock this retro:

Below contains some quick overviews of how the retrograde will generally affect each rising sign. Note various transits of other planets will impact the degree to which you notice these themes in your lived experience as well.

Aries Rising ( Saturn retrograde in the 10th house)

Reviewing and revising career goals, working to complete tasks to strengthen your public persona and status, reinforcing relationships that strength your reputation, implementing strategies related to improve current vocation, upgrading old traditions

Taurus Rising (Saturn retrograde in the 9th house)

Seriously studying current educational courses, refining any long distance travel plans, discarding limiting beliefs and implementing a new way of understanding an old philosophical or religious belief, editing work being prep for publication, gathering credible evidence for any legal distributes

Gemini Rising (Saturn retrograde in the 8th house)

Restructuring a loan repayment system, rebuilding credit, finishing taxes, making sure current insurance policy is still in alignment, reviewing over healing needs for deep renewal and get support team in order, engaging in quality sexual experiences

Cancer Rising (Saturn retrograde in the 7th house)

re-strengthening bonds with romantic committed partners, re-balancing business relationships, reviewing over roles in one's marriage, taking classes on nonviolent communication and any relationship building subjects

Leo Rising (Saturn retrograde in the 6th house)

Revising current work projects to meet desired standards, re-organizing office space, upgrading current health regimen, reinforcing good habits (daily exercise, veggies, water, sleep),applying work life balance solutions

Virgo Rising (Saturn retrograde in the 5th house)

Further developing current romance connections, reviewing ways to integrate structured play and fun, building a deeper bond with children or your inner child, beginning any long-awaited classes devoted to hobbies or creative expressions, revisiting ongoing crafts. Practicing musical instrument, dance routines, singing lessons

Libra Rising (Saturn retrograde in the 4th house)

Reorganizing the home environment (i.e furniture, DYI projects, repairs), fleshing out a family tree project, building in more family time, integrating nourishing practices to improve inner emotional security, "nesting" in the best sense

Scorpio Rising (Saturn retrograde in the 3rd house)

Revisiting activities related to blogs, social media, email, and written or verbal communications, penciling in time to finish books, improving upon current public speaking skill set, revisiting teachings or coursework,

reconnecting with siblings, rebuilding with local community members

Sagittarius Rising (Saturn retrograde in the 2nd house)

Reviewing and improving upon maximizing your earnings, implementing financial plans, repairing possessions, recommitting to values, building up your self esteem day by day, reorganizing investments and resources, revisiting nature and anything outdoors

Capricorn Rising (Saturn retrograde in the 1st house)

Dedicating time to improving appearance (i.e new hair style, exercise, beauty treatment), stepping up to initiate more actives of passion, any opportunities to reinforce self-motivated action, building greater self- awareness of your needs, cultivating authentic self-expression

Aquarius Rising (Saturn retrograde in the 12th house)

Integrating spiritual practices (i.e meditation, ceremony, ritual daily, etc.), building greater awareness around self-sabotage, reconnecting with ancestors, reworking creative projects (ie. songs, plays, poems, etc.), reinforcing connection with source through a retreat center

Pieces Rising (Saturn retrograde in the 11th house)

Planning more time to attend events with your networks or clubs, repairing old friendships, spend more time with friends, solidifying dreams into tangible goals, outlining and implementing a plan to donate towards (or volunteer with) a humanitarian cause, making a solid plan to achieve incremental success.

May this information be of the greatest service. Ashe'

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