Practical Energy Tool: Adult High Chair

Ever find yourself unable to comfortably sit still while at work? Whether you are dealing with caffeine jitters, an over active mind, or just feeling spacey. Chances are if you work a 9 to 5 or for yourself, getting things done in a timely manner is key. But does one have to suffer while working? The answer is NO! The adult high chair will totally lock you in!


Three big grounding stones - Petrified wood, Obsidian, Smokey quartz

Comfortable work chair

What it does? The combination of these three stones helps to ground, calm, clarify, and stabilize you throughout your workday. Perfect for those suffering from work related anxiety, for those like myself who have NO earth signs in their natal birth chart, or for folks who are experiencing a spiritual awakening (which can be very destabilizing).

How to do it?

1.) Once you get your stones (from a local metaphysical or stone shop) cleanse them in salt water overnight, or smudge them with sage. Make sure to clear out stones once a week for large ones and ever two days for smaller ones.

2.) Set intention with stones by holding them and asking them to emit their highest frequencies of grounding, easeful, stable energy. Add in any other adjectives that are needed for good work energy, the stones will remember your intention.

3.) Place each stone on the outer edge of your hips and one between your legs. I save the smooth obsidian soap shaped stone, because I can sit on it with out noticing. You should feel more calm and focus with the help of these stones nearby. If you are new to working with stones then come with an open mind and just try to forget they are there.

Much love, Adorable

((((you are more powerful than you know)))

Stay tuned for more energy hacks

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