Seven Different Ways to Read a Person’s Energy

When someone sits across from me (in-person or virtually), I read their energy. I open myself up to witness them as fully as possible: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. During a two hour session I switch between 7 different systems at once (Yep). Together the client and I unwind the issue at hand, pull out the root cause, mend it with love and positive energy. It’s kinda like an energetic operation, and from what clients tell me it totally works! Here’s a breakdown of the energy modalities I work with in a session.

1. Astrological birth chart

I examine the birth chart of which I need the person’s birth date, place and time. The natal chart is literally a snapshot of planetary placements you were born with. With these placements certain theories about how you “work” can be derived. Some people only know their Sun sign, associated with their birth date. But the sun sign only tells a small part of the story. It’s good to at least know your rising and moon sign too. I personally follow my rising to check in with how the planets are influencing me. After reviewing over a chart, I can made interpretations about areas where one could get more support and areas where one is astrologically “hooked up” and encourage them to work it.

2. Planetary transits

Planets stay moving! And as they move around, they make all sorts of aspects to our natal chart. Where the planets are currently in your chart also tells us important info about what themes you have been , currently are, or about to experience. This can be helpful if you want some extra assistance with a project. For example, the best time to launch your new business may be when you have good Venus or Jupiter aspects in the 2nd house, (7th house for a business partnership) and clearly NEVER during mercury retrograde.

3. I review over your Aura type using the infamous Human Design. Based on the I Ching and astrology, a Human Design chart visually depicts one as a circuit board and yields tons of pertinent info about how your energy flows, what chakras are open and closed, what type of authority works best for you. And it gives us something even more juicier… the best way for you to manifest things into your experience!

4. Reiki

Flows from my hands and feet as soon as I ask it to. I’ve been attuned to Reiki for four years now and with each passing year its healing powers grows. Reiki is interesting in that it allows me to connect negative ions (CHI) to my clients system without depleting my own energy. I use Reiki as an energetic comb to untangle any knots. As energy unblocks all of the sudden a client will KNOW the answer. It’s as if all they needed was some loving energy directed at them.

5. Light

Working within the same concept of Reiki. Balls of light with various colors can be sent into various areas as needed. For instance, green is the color of the heart chakra, unconditional love. If I have a client who is experiencing a major divorce or break up. We’ll fill the heart space with a ball of green light.

6. Tarot Cards

Don’t just hold interesting images, but unearth the hidden issues attached to the current situation. I can pull the same card for two different readings and receive uniquely different energy from the card. The cards themselves when shuffled with a question pick up the energy and jump out of the deck.

7. Spirit

Last but not least, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, beneficent ancestors. They play a HUGE role in making each session a moment for true healing and deep transformation. Their energy far succeeds anything we can emit as humans, so I honestly defer to them. I experience sensing messages from them (clairsentience), and am guide to know what to do or say. They are called in at the beginning of each session to provide a safe space, give us a new perspective, and help with the clearing and grounding aspects of the work.


When’s the last time you had and energy tune up? I’d love to take a look at your system and answer any questions you have about current themes in your life. Email me at to book a session.

#Tarotcardreading #Energymedicine #Astrology #Planetary Transits #Reikihealing #Healing # Spiritualhealing #LightWorker # Humandesign

#Tarotcardreading #Energymedicine #Astrology #PlanetaryTransits #Reikihealing #Spiritualhealing #Humandesign

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