Hello Fellow Light Seeker,

Welcome to healing education that will change your life forever. I don't say that lightly. I have had tons of emails from clients, who tell me that my work has altered everything in their life for the better, and many others who are asking me where's the course. Well here it is! My offering to you all is a live interactive course where you can finally learn about owning your personal power thru basic quantum healing practices that will usher in more alignment with your path.

By the end of this 6 week course all participants will learn the basic concepts around cleansing, grounding, and raising the frequency of your vibration including: energy clearing, meditation, basic astrology, sacred geometry, affirmations, and practical ways to heal limiting beliefs. Working with the law of attraction boosts the ability to call in the love you deserve.

This space is open to all genders, LGBTQ, racial and ethnic backgrounds. No prior experience or knowledge is required, although awareness of meditation, and metaphysical concepts are helpful. All we ask is that everyone in attendance shows up with an open mind, and the willingness to participate. 

Course will be delivered via Zoom conference

Includes PDF handouts for journal exercises

* 30 min one on one session with Adorable

Cost: Gold     


Date: April 15th, 2-5pm

Location: Moishe House

Please join this in depth workshop for magnetizing abundance and genuine love!



                Excited to co- create with you ALL.

                with gratitude, Adorable

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