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Reclaiming Personal Power

Spiritual Grounding Changes Everything...

"Adorable is the real deal! She creates a safe strong container and is super intuitive. I felt lighter and clearer about where I am on my path after our session."
                      Babak, Oakland, CA

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This why I started Adorable Energy - to provide spiritually-based holistic wellness education and guidance that promotes daily self-care and healing of the physical, emotional, and mental body.


 Understanding how your energy flows changes EVERYTHING! From there you can answer... "How do I take back my power? What is my energy (aura) type and what was I born to do? How do I feel less depressed and stressed out?" 

My mission is to empower you to be your own healer and reclaim your path as the light warrior you are born to be. My work serves women, people of color, queer, transgender, and non binary folks who are ready to evolve the next phase of life with relief, clarity, and tangible practical next steps. 

Certified Energy Healing Practitioner & Intuitive Coach

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About Me:

My name is Adorable Earth Angel, I am an energy healing practitioner and intuitive based out of Oakland, Ca. I have been serving people with my gifts for 9 years now and have found my passion in uplifting people of color with practical holistic wellness tools. I have a unique connection to spiritual energy that allows me to "hear" what's going on with a situation. I share that deep listening on my radio show, you tube channel online and at workshops and keynotes in person. In my one-on-one practice I work with everyday folks who are in the middle of big decisions, or are opening into a spiritual awakening, by offering a clear path forward. Check out my blog for more info on the healing arts. 

Guest Speaker and Teacher:


Lighting in a Bottle (2016, 2018)

Symbiosis (2015)

Healing Black Lives (2015-2018)

Be Still Retreats (2018-2019)

National Holistic Institute (2019)

Thrive East Bay (2015-2019)

SoulPlay (2019)

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